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A community of moms, providing support and resources for moms and MOM Powered Businesses.

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About Us

MOMolution is a community of moms online, and in-person, building an ecosystem that supports Mom-Powered businesses and moms across the country. MOMolution was created by moms for moms, because we get it.

We are on a mission to create friendships and a community that transcends motherhood while redefining MOM one opportunity at a time. We are the place where you can be your whole self- as a mom, woman, partner, employee, business owner, and friend.

MOMolution offers an online community, in-person events (locations expanding!), webinars, training courses, and resources for moms, MOM Powered Business owners and employers.

MOM should never be something you are tired of hearing, a hurdle you have to overcome or a negative aspect for an employer. At MOMolution, MOM means a Million Opportunities Movement - bringing a million opportunities to our exclusive community.  We are a place for moms to learn, connect, grow, and lean on each other.

Why You Should Join Us!

We are a moms' biggest fan, loudest advocate, and most trusted resource! We are committed to engaging, equipping, and empowering moms on their life and career paths by cultivating a safe and supportive place to:

-Ask hard questions
-Network with other moms
-Gain access to much needed resources
-Share their wisdom with other moms
-Break free from the never-ending hustle, because you have options

Our community is missing something- YOU!

As moms, we spend countless hours encouraging and teaching our children. We tell them they are unique, that they have something special to share, and to not hide who they are because they make the world a better place. We are here to tell YOU, we need YOU! 

You have gifts, talent, and knowledge to share and our community is not complete without you. 

Today is a good day to do great things. We want to do great things together with you as part of our exclusive community.

What is a MOM Powered Business and What is the MOM Powered Business Group?

A MOM Powered Businesses is a business that is designed, developed and run by a mom. Some great examples are: 

  1. Photography
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Web Development/Design
  4. Tech Products
  5. Coaching
  6. Products you develop and sell
  7. And many more where you as the mom are the leader and decision maker. 

Our MOM Powered Business group is a place where mom business owners can network, ask hard questions, bond over shared experiences, and help fellow business owners grow and succeed.

Are you involved in one of the many direct sales companies? While we think there are wonderful and amazing opportunities with these companies, they do not qualify for our MOM Powered Business Group. Have no fear! We are working to create a group and program just for YOU! In the mean time we encourage you to become part of our MOMolution community of moms!

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